Vitor Belfort: Floyd Mayweather Would Suck At MMA!

Hey, you know all those videos of Floyd Mayweather running around the cage looking agile and buff?
Vitor Belfort is not impressed.
“The Phenom” knows a thing or two about mixed martial arts (MMA), having been in the fight game for over two decades. And to Belfort, this notion that Mayweather could cross over to cage fighting and not get ground into dust is preposterous.

“I think he doesn’t have a chance even against the young kids, 15, 14-year-olds,” Belfort told MMA Fighting. “He has a lot to learn on the ground, kicks. With his arms, on his weight, he’s a phenom. Now, involving legs and other things, no chance.”
Mayweather has been teasing a debut in UFC in the wake of his technical knockout win over Conor McGregor in last August’s boxing spectacle. That led to some lame tweets from both sides but nothing in the way of substance.
But if Belfort is right, then Mayweather should skip UFC and fight here.


Courtesy of MMA Mania




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