What I have Learned

What I Have Learned
by Tom Brands, World and Olympic Champion

I have learned that whether you think you will succeed or fail, you have to rise to the challenge with courage.
I have learned that fear can make you go back, when you should go forward; it is better to go forward.
I have learned that you can go HUNGRY and still be tough enough to continue… and that few people really know what HUNGER is!!!
I have learned that if you want something bad enough, you make it first and foremost in your thoughts and deeds.
I have learned that your body can be tired and hurting, but you always have more to give.
I have learned that if you must face an adversary, do your homework, know his moves, plan your strategy.
I have learned that once you quit, it is over!!!
I have learned that pain passes.
I have learned that victory, after working hard for something is a high to which nothing else compares.
I have learned that you can lose and keep your dignity; but it is so much better to WIN!!!
I have learned that you can go through all the correct moves in life, but for it to really be great, you must have passion…eye of the tiger!!!
Lastly, I have learned from my brothers Frank and Carl, as well as all the rest, go out into the circle come what may, and return, tired, battered, whether in victory or defeat, that in this life, you must proceed with fearlessness. Plan and work hard, take the lumps, expect to win, live with passion, you are always stronger than you think, and most of all never give up!!!
When the next whistle blows, the true champion of life is ready to go another round!!!

Be ready to go another round!

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