When We Were Bouncers: Tom Erikson

DURING THE LATE 80s I was wrestling for Oklahoma State University and running the security staff at a place called The Fox in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The guys who owned The Fox were pretty industrious guys, and eventually they bought a club down in Norman [Oklahoma] and called it “The Fox” as well.

The University of Oklahoma was down there, and their football team was on fire — I believe they played Penn State for the national title that year. Barry Switzer was running things, and they had Keith Jackson, Brian Bosworth, Jamelle Holieway, Charles Thompson… they had a whole crew down there. Needless to say, that town REALLY catered to their football players.http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/440520/When-We-Were-Bouncers-Tom-Erikson/

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